Neurosomatic Therapy

Neurosomatic Therapy (NST) is a structurally integrative approach to pain relief. NST fills a void left by traditional healthcare by analyzing soft tissue causes of your pain. According to recent research most pain symptoms are considered idiopathic, which means there is no known cause. We believe the reason there is no know cause is that a proper investigation into the soft tissues is not being performed. NST is a way to analyze and thoroughly explore your muscles, tendons and ligaments in order to find these hidden sources of pain. In order to find the improper structural and biomechanical patterns, we have developed a way to analyze and chart these findings. Once these patterns are analyzed a comprehensive program is designed to guide you through rehabilitation.

Traditional chronic pain treatments do not address the underlying soft tissue causes. When performed in isolation, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and medicinal pain management fail to address the entire health issue. By using careful analysis of dysfunctional postural and movement patterns, NST allows us to create a comprehensive therapy program customized for your body.

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