My teenage daughter had been experiencing ankle pain on-and-off for about two years.  She is an avid dancer and runner.  Nothing we tried – rest, ice, heat, anti-inflammatory medicine – provided any relief.  We sought out experts – an orthopedist, a podiatrist, a sports chiropractor — we found only temporary relief.  The pain reared its nagging head again and again.  A number of medical tests and evaluations were performed, all with the result that “there is nothing wrong with her ankle.”  Fighting through the pain, she continued to be active as taking time off reaped no benefit.   Our primary care physician suggested that we visit Janet Schroeder at Integrated Pain and Stress Relief in Bethel.  One visit – ONE VISIT – my daughter found the relief that she had been asking me for repeatedly.  Janet assessed my daughter and provided a reason for her pain.  She worked on her trigger points to find “hidden sources of pain.”  If we had known earlier that Janet existed, we would have visited her office years ago.  She has a special gift in pain relief and we recommend her without reservation. 

Allison Elkow, Newtown, CT


I sought the services of Janet at Integrated Pain and Stress Relief in late August 2013 due to chronic discomfort in my upper back, shoulders, and neck. I have a history of scoliosis and over the past few years was developing a kyphosis. I had experienced a loss of an inch in height since my last physical exam in 2011 (even though my bone density was within normal range). I had also been experiencing discomfort in my knees when running on the treadmill and had what I termed tendonitis in the outer aspect of my right knee. I found it uncomfortable to ride in a car for any length of time. Healthy and active, I was not resigned to living with these chronic issues. I had tried chiropractic therapy and physical therapy in years past, but had not experienced significant improvement with either. At my initial visit, Janet’s thorough exam and evaluation brought about the discovery that my left leg was significantly shorter than my right leg and a small, thin shoe lift was ordered. My upper body was extremely stiff and my mobility and range of motion was greatly limited. With Janet’s massage, manipulation, stretching and strengthening exercises, and the wearing of the shoe lift, I can honestly say that in two months I have experienced significant improvement in all areas of concern. Initially I visited Janet weekly and for the past month I received treatment every other week. Upon my visit today, October 23, 2013 I reported that I was not experiencing any discomfort! The discomfort and aching in my knees and the tendonitis is completely gone. I am running on my treadmill for 30 minutes 5–6 times a week. I can enjoy long car rides again without taking Ibuprofen. I have a significant increase in the mobility of my upper body and can turn my neck in driving without moving my entire body. The stretching is no longer uncomfortable and I see a real improvement in my posture. Best of all, on my recent visit to the doctor it was found that I have regained my inch in height!! I never thought such improvement was possible! I credit Janet and her integrated therapies for making this possible.

Lisa Vitti, Bethel, CT

I can stand straighter and my muscles are looser and function better since I have been  getting treatments from Janet.  I am sleeping better as I am not being wakened by pain during the night.

Ed Davies, M.D.

I’ve gone through life with the understanding that a crooked spine and the pain that goes with it were, for me, inevitable. A few sessions with Janet have proven otherwise. I’m straighter than I’ve ever been and feel great.

Michael Stern, Bethel, CT

“I have suffered with osteoarthritis in both knees for several years and have tried everything to relieve my chronic pain. My orthopedic surgeon has recommended a total knee replacement for my left knee as it is now “bone on bone”. After 5 sessions with Janet, there is a significant improvement in the mobility of both knees and a marked reduction in pain. Also, by addressing my postural misalignments, I am learning how to take unnecessary pressure off my knees which has enabled me to be pain free more often.”

Lori Archer, Wilton, CT


“I have suffered from chronic shoulder pain due to tennis overuse for years. Janet worked on realigning my hips and shoulders, and getting constricted muscles to release. Her techniques are sound and her manner is delightful; I am now playing pain-free 3 – 4 times per week.”

Celia Meadow, Editor
Weston Magazine
Rye Magazine
Westport Country Capitalist
Greenwich Country Capitalist


“A miraculous recovery in right arm! Today I am almost pain free. A little soreness at the places where you worked, but original ailment has just about disappeared. It is truly amazing.  I cannot thank you enough

Sending hugs of gratitude,
Kim Brasser, Redding, CT

Janet is a national treasure.   Since I have been seeing her, my pain and stress levels are the lowest they have ever been.  This is saying a lot for a woman who has sustained several head injuries and concussions, many operations and quite a few broken bones and torn tendons from numerous falls for 60 years.  She has improved my quality of life with her talented healing skills and her exercises that reinforce the treatments.   I cannot say enough wonderful things about this woman and her healing skills.

Ellen Cody, Redding, CT



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